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                 At present, European high education institutions are under pressure due to Bologna Process, to the need of longlife learning, but also to the lack of competences on basic sciences, like Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry.

             Forced by these issues, teacher’s efforts are combined to help students to learn on basic sciences, and the integration of pedagogical methodologies is a necessity.











             The described difficulties are well recognized and several Portuguese institutions are developing serious efforts in the field, such as elaborating specific web-tutorials or improving psychological support to displaced students. Nevertheless, this kind of efforts needs the commitment of the faculty, and they have to feel secure and comfortable in the required type of activities, that are not usual among Portuguese colleges.

                 The main purpose is to develop student’s support approaches, that are smoothing the differences in level and contents that actually exist, by combining the well known expertise of the US institutions in the tutorial field with our extensive experience in basic sciences área.



João Luís de Miranda

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão

Lugar da Abadessa, Apt. 148

7301-901 Portalegre


Phone:     +351-245300284

Fax:          +351-245300230


(photo at the Portalegre’s Platano)

Katta G. Murty

The Senior Specialist from
 The University of Michigan